The Management of the College of Education, Akwanga, under the leadership of Alh. Murtari Isa Waya saw a need to link the College with the wall which called for the establishment of the Information Communication Unit.

In order for the unit to take off on a solid footing, College sought the services of an ICT guru through the Voluntary Service Overseas(VSO). The VSO volunteer was from England with specialty in Hardware repairs and Networking. The volunteer worked with 5 College lecturers, mainly building their Capacity.

As of today, College internet Café is fully registered with the Nigerian Communications Commission with state of the art equipments. The gateway to the world is the Vsat- CBAND type with high speed. The College now has its web domain and website: In order to provide internet services to all staff at the conform of the offices, a 100ft mast was installed capped with a wavion transmitter. This facility has the line of site of about 10km and access of about 3km radius.

The ICT unit was further strengthen this year with the donation of 110 Zinox laptops from the Nigerian Communication Commission and 100 Zinox desktop computers, Vsat equipments and 512MB duplex internet bandwidth for a year, these are from Universal Service Provision Fund.

In order to justify the full utilization of the ICT facilities, the College Management embark on the construction of ICT Unit Complex which has staff office and three(3) training halls